Did you know that the skin on your feet is 20 times thicker than on the rest of your body?
The skin on your feet is the hardest and driest, which means it is the toughest skin to make smooth and soft.
And no matter what kind of manual foot scrubbers you use, they don’t work on your hard working feet, because no matter how hard you rub, you are still left with hard skin, making your feet dull and unattractive.

Q. What are the causes of hard skin?

A. Our feet carry us throughout our lives day by day. However, they often receive too little attention. The thick skin on the soles of our feet quickly becomes dry, rough and brittle from pressure or tight shoes. An excess of new cells form in response to pressure and friction points, and those areas quickly become hard and yellowish, which are known as hard skin.

Q. What are the consequences of hard skin?

A. If the hard skin is not removed, the sensitive skin on the foot can tear and it becomes more vulnerable to bacteria. This can result in inflammation and skin fungal infections. Hard skin should therefore be regularly removed.

Q. When is the best time for hard skin removal?

A. Pressure on the feet or tight shoes lead to increased hard skin formulation in your skin. This results in unpleasant patches of skin and painful hard skin. We therefore recommend a year-round and regular removal of hard skin, at the time that suits you best.

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